Smart Solutions for Manufacturing Facilities
PACE goes beyond HVAC and Security control to meet the diverse needs of manufacturing facilities.
doesn't stop at HVAC control and security management when it comes to manufacturing facilities. In addition to providing a comfortable and secure environment in which to work, count on PACE to provide precise temperature and humidity control in food processing plants; to monitor toxic gas levels in the semiconductor manufacturing process; and to carefully control and monitor the environmental conditions in clean rooms, the tank levels in wastewater treatment facilities, and the chemical additions in the metal plating process. In addition, PACE systems are helping biotech, pharmaceutical, and other FDA-regulated industries achieve 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.
Our customized solutions are interoperable, reliable, and scalable -- with intuitive operator interfaces and dynamics graphics that allow for easy monitoring and maintenance. PACE-- we have you covered.
Through a web browser interface, PACE provides integrated, single-seat control of:

• HVAC control 
• Alarm monitoring 
• Card access 
• Toxic gas monitoring 
• Integration to fire alarm system
• UL-listed smoke control 
• Lighting control 

• Tie-in to paging, e-mail, and intercom systems
• Utility monitoring 
• Waste water treatment systems 
• Chemical treatment systems 
• Material handling systems 
• Curing room temperature and humidity control 
• Electronic record keeping

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