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Security and Video Surveillance
Security using video surveillance used to be a passive system of manually observing entry points and hallways. 

Today, there is a greater selection of solutions available to address both live surveillance as well as captured still video images. Video surveillance is especially vital to remote site management so that facilities personnel can see what is happening at a given site, or at many locations simultaneously.
A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) enables more useful applications of video surveillance by making it easy to store and access captured events. This obviates the need to manage videotapes, tape rotations, and other manual methods of video storage that require additional labor and incidental expense. The digital format enables some unique benefits that are very cost-effective for achieving surveillance objectives:

• Retrieval of video images is instant because the storage media is digital.
• Motion past a camera can trigger a video capture session, which records both pre-event video and post-event video for a given period.
• Digital video can be transmitted over existing IP networks for viewing at central management locations.

Underground Fuel Tank Monitoring
Most switching offices around the country rely on underground diesel storage tanks to supply their backup generators for emergency power and also to fuel the company’s fleet of telephone service vehicles. 

Under the EPA’s 1998 Underground Storage Tank (UST) field citation program, UST owners are financially responsible for fuel leaks that result in environmental pollution. Leaks that go unchecked can result in fines of $11,000 per day per violation. Sensors that detect leaks are easily integrated into FAS, and permit early detection and alarming when leaks are detected. 

This detection alerts local personnel that further action is needed to investigate the nature of the leak alarm and notify state authorities as required by law.

Fire, Water, Smoke and Life Safety
Monitor fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, water leak, and any other elements that may contribute to safety emergencies or catastrophic loss.

PACE integrates this monitoring and consolidates alarms under a single facility view.

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